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If you’re looking for custom-built steel tanks or pressure vessels, you’ll appreciate a manufacturer with an intuitive engineering department, a state-of-the-art production facility and a skilled work force of experienced artisans.

Not only does TIGG’s ASME Code Shop build steel tanks and pressure vessels used as adsorption vessels in remediation applications, our craftsmen construct hydropneumatic surge tanks, emergency water storage tanks and custom and standard horizontal air receivers, vertical air receivers and other pressure vessels.

We manufacture steel tanks and pressure vessels of all sizes in carbon steel and stainless steel. Additionally, with our vessel and tank prep booth and paint spray booth, we can apply a variety of linings and finish coatings to larger tanks. Some of the linings and coatings include high solids epoxy, vinyl esters and our own RX liner- consisting of 200-mil polyethylene that bonds to the carbon steel shell for superior corrosion and abrasion resistance.

Air Receivers- Steel Tanks & Pressure Vessels  

Large & Custom Air Receivers
TIGG Tanks offers a standard line of air receiver tanks. Large and custom engineered designs and specialty coatings are available to suit your facility's unique needs. Read about the specifications of our standard line here.

Steel Tanks & Pressure Vessels  

Steel Tanks & Pressure Vessels
TIGG Tanks began by manufacturing steel tanks & pressure vessels for activated carbon adsorber units. Now, the ASME code shop manufactures tanks and vessels for a wide variety of applications. Custom-engineered designs and fabrication available.

TIGG Manufacturing Steel Tanks & Pressure Vessels  

Steel Tanks & Pressure Vessels Manufacturing
TIGG Tanks is an ASME code shop. TIGG just acquired a new 155,000 sq ft manufacturing plant. Check here often- manufacturing capabilities are always expanding with upgrades and new technology.

Marmarelli Engineering Steel Tanks & Pressure Vessels  

Steel Tank & Pressure Vessel-
Engineering & Design

TIGG offers an experienced team of engineers ready to design your steel tank or pressure vessel to meet your specifications or to help you determine the right specifications for your unique application.

TIGG has the experience and expertise to produce high quality, economical steel tanks and pressure vessels in carbon steel, stainless steel and various other alloys for our customers. For more information about steel tanks and pressure vessels call 1-800-925-0011 or click here to contact TIGG.

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